Need for Cyber Liability as a Hotel Owner

Need for Cyber Liability as a Hotel Owner

July 21, 2021

Hotel Owners possibly have a wide range of operating issue that they encounter daily. From the time a guest checks in the hotel to using Wi-Fi, they become predisposed to identity and financial theft. Also, business transaction is mostly conducted out through credit cards, and these credit cards are kept on file and are retrieved many times during their stay.

Hotel Owners can minimize the exposure of cyber crime by getting a cyber liability insurance. You do not want to wait on, till you are hit by a privacy breach lawsuit, you should review your existing policy to confirm cyber liability insurance. Sometimes, Hoteliers perceive General Liability to cover for cybercrimes and breach. However, most general liability policies do not cover cybercrimes. Hotel Owners should get a good cyber liability insurance and implement a solid Payment Card Industry and Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) safety standards to avoid cybercrimes.  

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