Keeping your Valuables Secure

June 22, 2021

Your favorite necklace, your prize portrait, your brand new laptop - these are a few of your favorite and most valuable things.

But if you’re like most of us, you leave them lying around where anyone who has access to your home could easily grab them. And with most break-ins lasting less than 12 minutes, every second counts.

Don’t panic! Burglaries are on the decline across the country, which is great news. And a little bit of precaution can make your home much less vulnerable to having your valuables taken.

So how can you make your home more secure? Check out these easy tips:

  • Get a camera doorbell — These devices record anyone who comes to the front door. Most burglars try the front door first to make sure no one is home, so getting them on film helps - and deters them
  • Use a safe — It may seem extreme, but burglars don’t want to take the time to try and get into a safe. High-value items will remain there securely until you open it
  • Don’t make it easy — Most of us leave our electronics and jewelry out in the open. Hide valuables in boxes or drawers, and put your electronics away in safe places to minimize exposure
  • Schedule items on insurance — Put valuable items, with pictures and appraisals, on your insurance policy. This makes it easy to replace if something bad happens

Following these easy steps can see you avoid a loss if someone does try to burgle your home. But maybe you’ll find life a little easier just knowing where everything is for a change!