Is your home ready for Halloween?

Is your home ready for Halloween?

October 29, 2021

Everyone loves the spooky time of year. Kids get candy, costumes are taken out of closets, and that unfortunate haircut you regret getting can now be part of a clever throwback costume from the 80s.

Halloween is fun, but it does have a dark side. No, not ghosts, goblins, and ghouls, but vandalism.

The “Trick” part of Trick or Treat has meant everything from harmless gags to annoying pranks like toilet papering houses to actual damage like eggs, smashed mailboxes, and more.

Here are some things to look for - and if they’re covered:

  • Toilet Paper — Rolling is aggravating but not damaging. As upsetting as toilet paper in your trees or atop your house is, your homeowners policy doesn’t cover this.
  • Egging — Eggs are tasty, but they can also damage certain types of paint when thrown at cars and homes. Since they can cause actual damage to your home or car, this is covered under “Vandalism” coverage (check your policy to be sure).
  • Physical Damage — Smashed mailboxes, broken windows, and flat tires are all more sinister pranks from this holiday. And since they are examples of real damage to your property, they are also covered under vandalism.

Have no fear this year of the things that go bump in the night - even if those things are *gasp* teenagers.

Eat your candy and have fun. We’ve got you covered.