How to Effectively Secure Your Cargo?

July 08, 2021

Trucking facilitates to move cargo from point A to point B within states and across states. Many motors carrier companies use different types of trucks & trailers to carry cargo such as dry goods, household goods, mails, beverages, animals, construction material and many more. It is important to secure cargo to avoid any damage during loading, unloading and while on the road.

There are several problems that can arise from unsecured cargo including trailer overturn, injury to public and other drivers on the highways. Trucking companies gets into lawsuit for unsecured cargo prompted accident and huge claims are payout often. Trucking companies should efficiently secure cargo to avoid situation leading to huge loss including lawsuit. Some of the tips that drivers/trucking companies can implement to firmly secure cargo are:

  1. Driver Managed loading & unloading.
  2. Be vigilant carrying liquid tanks by reducing speeds.
  3. Used quality Tiedowns (ropes & chains) and used to meet working load limit.
  4. Place Dunnage bags to fill empty space between cargo.
  5. Train your Drivers regarding route they are travelling and road conditions.


For more information on Cargo securement rules please visit  FMCSA CARGO

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