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Hot Liability Summer

Hot Liability Summer

May 28, 2021

It’s official. As Americans everywhere continue to be vaccinated, many are packing their bags and looking to travel.

To quote The Cars, “Let the good times roll.”

Unfortunately, all of those people in one place for the first time in a while can lead to problems. Luckily, some of those problems can be handled by Liability insurance.

Liability insurance covers you from situations in which someone believes you may have caused them harm. Be on the lookout for these situations where Liability insurance can be helpful:

Chill at the Grill — It’s great that you’re having people over to grill! But visitors can get injured, leaving you responsible. Make sure your home is safe, and grills, pools, and dogs are secured.

Welcome (Safely) Back — If you're a business owner, you’ve most likely missed all of these customers! But staff and customers alike may be out of practice. Keep your space safe and keep your staff alert to avoid problems.

Visit Respectfully — When visiting a house or business, be mindful of those around you. Staff may be overloaded, homes may be crowded, and intense celebrations could lead to risky behavior.

There's no doubt that people everywhere are ready to enjoy some travel and adventure. But if you do so carefully, with safety and your Liability coverage in mind, we'll all be letting the "good times roll" soon.