Fall Blowing In?

Fall Blowing In?

September 17, 2021

Fall may be around the corner, but it certainly doesn’t feel very Autumn-like out there.

While the air is a little cooler, it's also moving around quite a bit. From late-season hurricanes to your good old-fashioned autumn breeze, there is a lot of wind whipping about.

That can mean bad news for roofing shingles, power lines, and that old tree you keep forgetting to remove.

When it comes to breezy troubles, be on the lookout for:

  • Falling Trees — One of the most common claims. It doesn’t matter where the tree is rooted, but where it falls that determines who files the claim.
  • Power-less — Wind can knock out power lines and cause temporary blackouts. Make sure to keep your refrigerator closed, stock up on candles, and think about a generator if you live in a rural location.
  • Swerving — Wind doesn’t just affect houses. Driving in windy conditions is a significant hazard, so go slow and pull over if you are in a dangerous situation.

Thinking ahead can help minimize the dangers of wind and save you from hassles in the future. Be vigilant, and let us know if you have insurance questions!