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More cars on our highways, more drivers, more accidents, more ways to get where you’re going. Driving isn’t what it used to be. The same goes for auto insurance.

These days, there are more ways to insure your car, more insurers, more options for coverage and more rates to compare.

So, when it comes to auto insurance, more drivers are turning to Hawk’s Bay Insurance Group for the specialist knowledge of our team and our reputation for securing outstanding value.

As in independent agent, we work with many different auto insurance companies — but only the best — constantly comparing rates, negotiating deals and discounts and supporting our clients when they make a claim.

In other words, we’ve already done the shopping around for best protection that’s so important these days, especially if you have special auto insurance coverage needs.

Hawk’s Bay Custom Auto Insurance

Two things matter most to you when you buy car insurance — you and your drivers have the right protection, and you’re getting the best price.

The way we solve this for our clients is by creating a custom policy based on several options — including the coverage the law demands and other add-ons that meet your priorities and your budget. We provide:

  • Liability coverage for injuries you or your driver cause to another person. This includes the cost of medical treatment.
  • Liability insurance for damage you cause to another car or cars, or property, such as a wall or a street sign.
  • Coverage for damage to your own car and injuries to yourself and your passengers in an accident
  • Protection against the cost of damage caused to your car by things like, fire, theft, vandalism and even falling objects.
  • Protection for you when another at-fault driver turns out to be underinsured or even uninsured

There are also a number of other options, like providing a rental car while yours is off the road and paying for lost wages for you and your passengers if they’re unable to work.

Don’t worry. We’ll explain all of your options — and the cost — fully to you and answer your questions before customizing your coverage.

Extra Protection for Young Drivers and Collectors

Some drivers have special auto insurance needs — and it’s not always easy to find coverage at the right price, unless you call in the Hawk’s Bay Insurance Group experts.

For example, many insurers don’t want to know if you or one of your drivers is under 25 — or they’ll charge considerably more. That’s when you need the negotiating power of our auto insurance experts.

Or perhaps you have a vintage vehicle or even a collection of them. Again, we can arrange competitively priced coverage for you.

Special Coverage for Uber, Lyft and other car Share Drivers

One of the biggest changes in the auto world in the past few years has been the growth of ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft.

There are a number of different insurance options that we can advise you on and, where appropriate, provide coverage.

Although most ride-sharers, like Lyft and Uber, provide a degree of insurance, this won’t meet all of you full-time driving needs.

Plus, you need to be sure your insurance coverage complies with the rules of municipalities, like the City of Dallas, as well as DFW airport.

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