Protecting your credit from identity thieves!

Lets face it credit is more important than cash. It’s our personal guarantee that we can pay for that new house or car. It follows us around the world and gives us access to purchase our needs. And in our current culture we are ever expanding more and more into cyber space. We apply for insurance, credit cards, even a mortgage online. That is of course when we aren’t buying clothes, computers, or cars online.


Yes that’s right almost 80% of Americans are online shoppers. So in a world that is moving more and more into the digital space it seems that our credit matters more than ever. That means protecting our credit matters more than ever. One simple way we can do this is by freezing our credit.

If you do not plan on using your credit anytime soon than this may just be right for you. By freezing your credit you are able to restrict access to your credit. Preventing would be thieves from opening new accounts with your name.


Just some tips before you start…

  • No, it doesn’t effect your credit
  • Starting, pausing and stoping a freeze requires a phone call to EACH credit reporting agency
  • Certain entities will still have access to your credit

If you are interested in learning more The Federal Trade Commission has all the information you need just visit the following link for more information.

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